Functional Movement Screening in St. Louis MO


A Functional Movement Screening in St. Louis MO is a systematic assessment that evaluates an individual's fundamental movement patterns and identifies any limitations or asymmetries that may lead to dysfunctional movement or increased risk of injury. The primary goal of a functional movement screening is to assess the quality of movement and identify areas that may require improvement to enhance overall functional fitness and reduce the risk of injuries.

What is involved in a Functional Movement Screening in St. Louis MO?

Key elements of a Functional Movement Screening include:

Fundamental Movement Patterns:

  • The screening typically involves a series of fundamental movement patterns that are essential for daily activities and sports performance. These patterns often include squatting, lunging, pushing, pulling, and bending.

Scoring System:

  • Each movement pattern is assessed using a scoring system that considers factors such as symmetry, stability, and range of motion. The scoring helps identify any deviations from the ideal movement pattern.

Identification of Dysfunctional Patterns:

  • The screening aims to identify dysfunctional movement patterns or asymmetries that may indicate underlying issues with mobility, stability, or motor control.

Risk Assessment:

  • Based on the results, a risk assessment may be provided to identify areas of increased risk for injury or performance limitations. This information can guide targeted interventions and corrective exercises.

Functional Implications:

  • The FMS provides insights into how an individual's movement patterns may impact their overall function and performance in various activities, including sports, exercise, and daily tasks.

Tailored Interventions:

  • The information gathered from the screening can be used to design individualized exercise programs or interventions to address specific movement deficiencies or imbalances.

Functional Movement Screenings are commonly used by fitness professionals, chiropractors, and sports performance specialists to assess and address movement quality. By identifying and correcting movement dysfunctions early on, individuals can work towards improved performance, reduced injury risk, and enhanced overall functional fitness.

It's important to note that while Functional Movement Screening is a valuable tool, it should be interpreted by qualified professionals who can provide appropriate guidance and interventions based on the individual's specific needs and goals.

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