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STL: Chiropractic & Performance Center in St. Louis, MO is owned and operated by Dr. Alec Morrison. Dr. Alec Morrison graduated from Logan University in April 2022. He was born into a chiropractic family in Baltimore, MD. He was brought up to believe that movement is medicine.

Being an athlete in high school he took an interest in how the body works and optimal movement patterns to help him excel in sports like soccer and wrestling. Studying biomechanics was so crucial to his success that he went on to pursue his undergraduate degree in Kinesiology, which is the study of human movement, performance, and function. This is what led him down the road of following in his parent’s footsteps and becoming a chiropractor.

With his knowledge of chiropractic and biomechanics, he helps his patients live pain-free lives while performing everyday tasks as well as helping athletes improve their range of motion and increase power through specific exercises and adjustments.

Dr. Alec has a passion for helping people, but most importantly giving people the tools to empower and create independence naturally. If you see Dr. Alec outside of the office, he will most likely be at the gym, playing soccer, enjoying one of the great sporting events St. Louis MO has to offer, or relaxing with his wife Sara and pup Mowgli.

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7:30am - 6:30pm

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